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Framework for Student Exchange short-term Courses

Videoclip contest 2020 ! create a short ENM experience report

1 - create a 1-minute-videoclip from your exchange in May 2019, October 2019 or March 2020
2 - upload the videoclip on youtube
3 - send the youtube link to inf
o(at)enm-network.com until 31th March 2020
4 - the ENM board will choose the best clip out of the most liked videos on the ENM facebook page
5 - prize: the reward will be handed over by your local ENM coordinator

Video 1: ENM experience Bern

Video 2: ENM experience Bern second edition

Video 3: ENM experience Horsens

Video 4: ENM experience Bucharest

Impressions of ENM experiences

Switzerland/Winterthur: videoclip by a student

Denmark/Silkeborg: experience report written by two students

Switzerland/Winterthur: pictures from a student

Switzerland/Winterthur: videoclip by a student

Switzerland/Winterthur: videoclip about ENM Module

Our Publications

2018: Situations and strategies for cultural learning in a short exchange programme

2002: Reflections across boundaries