ENM European Nursing Module Network
Framework for Student Exchange short-term Courses

The Network

The European Nursing Module (ENM) Network was founded in 1994 with the  Inaugural Meeting held in Lewes, Sussex, United Kingdom. This initial  meeting brought together a group of individuals representing educational institutions which offered basic nurse education programmes leading  to the right to practice nursing in their specific country. Some of these programmes were based in hospitals and some in educational  institutions. 

The broad aims of the Module

  • To develop the student's understanding of the concept of culture
  • To develop the students' understanding of European and professional cultural issues which will promote and enhance health care by individuals practising in a range of settings
  • To enable students to recognise the international dimension of professional nursing knowledge and health care
  • To develop the students' awareness, understanding and acceptance of cultural differences.
  • To develop the students' awareness of, and respect for, clients' individual cultures
  • To develop the students' understanding of the influence of historical, philosophical, ethical, economic, political and professional factors on their own and others' professional cultures
  • To develop the students' awareness of professional culture and role, and an increasing awareness of  their own cultural identity

Outcomes of the Module

  • The student will have  developed her/his awareness of the influence of culture on health, welfare  and professional nursing
  • The student will value the  sharing of multi-cultural knowledge and experience
  • The student will demonstrate  an awareness and tolerance of other cultures
  • The student will reflect on  her/his values and attitudes relating to nursing and health care
  • The student will share  her/his learning experiences with colleagues
  • The student will gain understanding of, and empathy for, the experience of "being a  stranger"
  • The student will develop her/his understanding of how nursing cultures define nursing and the nurses' role